What exactly is the COMPASS?

COMPASS is a web based platform which enables reservations and referrals for tourists to be done by users for a remuneration defined by the service providers listed in the platform. COMPASS solves the main question of the tourists – “What to do and where to go?” Enabling locals to answer those questions with a professional recommendation while profiting out of it. We make sure that the consumer is referred to the right service provider and unlike listing platforms utilize real human interaction to make the right choice, which makes the COMPASS unique!

Who are the USERs, CUSTOMERs and CONSUMERs?

The CONSUMERS which are travelers and main beneficiaries of the system; the USERS which are referrers and the opinion creators and locals of the city, who gain out of each successful referral; CUSTOMERS which are service providers and listed points of interests and service providers for the referrals and listings.

How do I recommend and earn?

Usage of COMPASS is very simple for users. You can register with name and email only and start referring and reserving with same data of the tourists. It becomes a bit complex when you would like to withdraw your earnings after a certain limit in cash.

What can I do with my bonuses?

Till the cash withdrawal limit you can spend the bonuses in the bonus shop within the system or directly from the listed service providers. You must fulfil several requirements as reaching the limit, supplying more information, registering and so on to be able to withdraw your bonuses as cash.

How to refer through COMPASS?

Any registered (with name-surname and email only) USER can make reservations and referrals through the platform. You can check in the list for the appropriate service provider or you can enter a keyword to refine your search to find and refer the most appropriate service provider to the tourist. Once you found the place or business in the list, you should enter the Guest’s name and email address and number of guests; submit the form for referring. For reservations, you should enter a date and time for the visit – or define the time of the service. Once you submit the info, the tourist will automatically get an email with relevant information about the referral, you will get a notification and the service provider will get details of the referral/reservation.

Is it available in my country?

We plan to have a fast global growth with COMPASS. However you can check if you city is available here or in the footer area.